You Must Have Towel Holders For Your Bathroom

Bathroom towel holders are vital for any bathroom. If you don’t have any, where are you going to put your towels? As Ford Prefect was always saying, “You need always to know where your towel is.”Bathroom towel holders do what it says on the tin, it sits in your bathroom and holds towels!

Depending on your chosen theme for your bathroom, you will pick bathroom towel holders that suit you. Ranging from a metal towel holder that goes over the radiator to heated towel rails to wooden and custom-designed towel rails, you can guarantee to find bathroom towel holders that suit your budget and needs.

Often you will find bathroom towel holders on the back of the bathroom door made of wood or some metal. These are the most common you will see and are a very functional use of space.

More elaborate bathroom towel holders are available, but it does depend significantly on the size of your bathroom. Not everyone is blessed with a shower big enough for larger bathroom towel holders.

If you do own a larger bathroom, then you can look at wall mounted bathroom towel holders or even heated bathroom towel holders. Passionate bathroom towel holders are beautiful because if you buy the chrome effect towel holders, then they look spotless and brighten up a bathroom. Not only that, but when you get out of the bath or shower, you have lovely warm towels to wrap yourself in, a divine feeling that you really should experience.

Tips when researching bathroom towel holder

During my research, the top models I found were wood wall holders and aluminum holders. Mainly all models were made by Crosil, Croche, and Hansgrohe.

The metal or chrome bathroom towel holders tend to be much more reliable and more durable. Remember that your towel rail will have people pulling towels off it to use if you have children, then you know they are not the most gentle of people. A wooden towel rail may eventually suffer and get distressed. Metal and chrome bathroom towel holders tend to be more reliable if they are of decent quality and will survive the onslaught in your bathroom.

Bathroom towel holders are available from almost every bathroom and home improvement store, and they usually carry a pretty good range of bathroom towel holders. There are a lot of online stores that sell bathroom towel holders, too, often at a discount. Most will charge you postage, so be careful to compare the price with a local store. It may appear cheaper, but the addition of postage can make it more expensive. You can find bathroom towel holders on eBay, and often at some knockdown prices, mainly if you are patient.

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