Tips For A Perfect 1930’s Themed Kitchen

Choosing your furniture, accessories, and colors with care is a critical aspect of home decorating if you want to develop the nostalgic and exciting atmosphere of the 1930’s style decorating theme in your kitchen. Read the ideas below on how you can transform your kitchen to have a feeling of nostalgic style.

Use red combined with white or green combined with off white colors for your vintage decor kitchen. Get paint cards that match your color scheme. Take the cards with you when selecting accessories, and you won’t have to guess if the item will match.
In the kitchen, add visual interest by decorating with pottery and dish towels combined with kitchen chairs and tables. Go for a nostalgic style with chrome furniture. Give some thought to the furniture and accessories you use to round out your vintage decor interior design.

Your interior design project should zone in on art deco style furniture and accessories to add appeal, but the windows, walls, and flooring are essential also. Window treatments for the 1930’s style decorating theme should be vintage. You could consider updating your windows with old curtains. Once you have the effect you want on your windows, you might notice your walls are boring in contrast. To get your walls looking as good as your windows, try adding 1930’s travel or movie posters simple black frames.

You should also be sure to get the right lighting for your design theme. Kitchens usually have overhead lighting as their lighting source. Look for light that is geometric in style or of vintage appeal to go with the 1930’s style decorating theme.
Flooring is another primary component to any decorating style and adding area rugs to your

1930’s style decorating theme kitchen can really improve its appeal.

The best flooring for your nostalgic and exciting style is mats or short pile rugs, which should be neutral colors.
For some decorative touches, which will help accentuate your vintage decor, use geometrically shaped knick-knacks on shelves or art deco or art nouveau clocks, lamps, and vases on shelves, mantles, and tables along with vintage signs, vintage linens, and jadeite items to round out your decorating style. To soften up the room, think about including pillows that are made from vintage fabrics along with some greenery and plants.
Having a 1930’s style decorating theme kitchen can be an excellent way to get a new look, and if you plan it out professionally, it will be fun and easy. Make sure you follow your plan and choose coordinating items, and your room will have the look of nostalgic style in no time!

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