Rain Shower Heads And Your Bathroom

If you want the ultimate in bathroom luxury, then you should seriously consider rain showerheads. Designed to emulate the pattern of rainfall, these are a new luxury for any bathroom.

Rain showerheads tend to be much larger than standard showerheads so that they have an extra-large spray pattern to drench you. These rain shower heads feel much more beautiful than a normal shower head because of the spray pattern.

Rainshower heads are the epitome of modern bathroom chilly. With showerheads ranging from 210mm up to a very generous 400 mm broad jumbo Rainshower ® head, these can be a very pleasurable showering experience. Rainshower ® heads are perhaps the best-known brand, having a wide variety of designs to suit any bathroom. There are, of course, other brands on the market, but Rainshower heads are trendy.

There are a lot of different types of rain shower heads, with some of them being completely indulgent! The Dornbracht RainSky is a ceiling type shower head, which dispenses entirely with the need for a shower head with the water pouring out of the ceiling. This more closely emulates rainfall and will make for one of the most luxurious shower experiences you can imagine.

Rain Shower Heads Tips

The most popular models are the hamat, also, victorian bronze, Waterpik with the recommended shower head size 5″, 6″, and 8″.

With all the choices out there today I’d recommend these brands when selecting a rain shower head for your bathroom:
Elements of design

Other rain shower heads are the Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker, which is a ceiling type of shower head that is almost two feet in diameter! It comes with a massage feature and mounts flush with the ceiling. This is another very indulgent experience, and if you have one of these, you may find you never leave the shower!

If you want some real luxury, then the Lacava Star-shaped showerhead is a beautiful design that will put the finishing touches to any modern styled bathroom. With its exquisite star-shaped nine-inch shower head it looks imposing.

If your taste is for a more modern and contemporary style rain showerheads, then you ought to consider the glass rain shower heads from Ritmonio. These are really stunning to look at, being the clear glass with a metal fitting. Available in round and rectangular shapes, you can really make a statement in your bathroom with one of these rain showerheads.

Of course, these are just some of the more popular and well-known rain showerheads. There are many others on the market in all sorts of designs and shapes, some of which look very futuristic and impressive. You can guarantee that anyone who sees one of these rain shower heads will be very, very impressed.

Rainshower heads are not the cheapest type of shower head but are an experience that you will never forget. With prices ranging up to a couple of thousand dollars, they can make a bathroom special. And after using rain shower heads, you will never want to go back to using a standard showerhead.

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