How Cool Is Hookless Shower Curtains?

How long have you spent trying to hang a shower curtain and struggling to get it on the pole? With the advent of hookless shower curtains, these days of fighting are long gone!

Hookless shower curtains are so simple to hang that you can do them one-handed and completely hassle-free. A hookless shower curtain has a split ring design built into the curtain, which makes it much easier for you to put up.

Hookless shower curtains bring a clean and contemporary look at your bathroom and are particularly suited to a modern looking bathroom. If that is your taste, then you should check out these innovative shower curtains as they add a particular something to your bathroom.

The hookless shower curtain is most often found in hotels because it is much more durable than a standard shower curtain because of the lack of hooks. Ordinary shower curtains tend to tear around the hooks due to the curtain being pulled on as it is opened and closed. A hookless shower curtain doesn’t have this problem, and so will last much longer.

You can get a hookless shower curtain from almost any retailer, including hundreds of online stores, including Amazon and eBay. As with standard shower curtains, you can pay almost anything for a hookless one, though they tend to cost a little bit more than ordinary shower curtains.

The Litchfield hookless shower curtains

The Litchfield hookless shower curtain works with any curtain rod and is available in beige or white. These shower curtains also look very lovely on curved curtain rods.

Because a hookless shower curtain is typically found in a hotel, they do not always come in a wide selection of colors or designs. The most commonly available colors are beige and white, but white fits with any bathroom and has an immaculate look about it.

The Bubble Vision hookless shower curtain is another prevalent model and usually retails for under fifty dollars, which means that it fits in the pocket of most budgets.

A lot of hookless shower curtains nowadays are treated with anti-microbially treatment, which means that they are resistant to the usual mold and fungus problems that affect normal shower curtains. This means that they shouldn’t turn the nasty black that none treated shower curtains turn.

Some hookless shower curtains come in a thick waffle weave or vinyl, just like those found in hotels. Because people associate this style of shower curtain with hotels, they are probably not the best choice for home as it will remind people of being in a hotel.

The cleaner looking clear hookless shower curtains are much better for home use because they look more like a standard home shower curtain but without the usual problems. There are a lot of decent styles available, so shop around and see what you can find.

For the ease of installation and the durability, a hookless shower curtain is a worthwhile addition to any bathroom.

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